Jun 032016

Alright, there’s a band called The Necks and they’re from Australia. I have seen them play two times altogether, but each of these times it was one of the biggest music experiences for me. It literally took me away. What they do is they improvise. Piano, Bass, Drums. When these three fellas get up on the stage to play, they offer you a trip, they open the door. If you are willing to go and you enter that world they will create for next hour or so, you just fly, you just go with them. I felt it almost physically. The beauty and the weight of it.

Make sure you listen, it’s their last album.

The cover art is just beautiful and so is the music.

Check their website if you wish http://www.thenecks.com/

Jun 032016


Here’s a picture I took while walking through a forest with my dog. There was a lot of mist which I hoped to capture, but this is the way the picture turned out. You want to use it as a wallpaper on your Full HD notebook screen, right? OK.

Jun 032016


There is a great artist Frida kahlo whom I adore and there is this film that I saw about her called Frida (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0120679/). There is a little scene inside that movie that inspired me to use a technique with keyed out actors (shot on green screen) implemented into old taken pictures on one music video I am working at the moment.

Make sure you check that movie out.

Make sure you check out Frida’s paintings.


A nice article on Frida: http://edition.cnn.com/2014/07/28/world/americas/queen-of-the-selfie-the-enduring-allure/

Jun 022016


Oh yeah, I will be posting a lot of tumblrs, because it’s kind of addicting and I spend hours there. So many beautiful posts out there on good old tumblr.

Enjoy volume I

http://huuuuunt.tumblr.com/ – Blog focused on movies starring my favorite Robert De Niro with nice pictures from the movies. Always gives me tips what to watch.

http://jpodexample.tumblr.com/ – Blog of a Japanese construction company. I love their work and It has inspired me to build a summer kitchen at my grandma’s place. Always using lots of wood, yes.

http://spydercomposites.tumblr.com/ – A great team of guys doing carbon bike repairs using some freaky X ray method of their own. Oh man they check that beast and repair everything there could possibly be. They work for some top names in the game, make sure you check out the blog.

http://alterama.tumblr.com/ – My favorite french blog. I browse through interesting things they put up and train my french. You knew I could speak French, non?